by AstroKitten

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(free) 02:01


Second takes are for pussies.


released August 1, 2013

Voice on track 5, guitar on tracks 9 & 11 by Jane Balla
Voice on tracks 5, 9 & 11 by Francesca Chenuil

Track 4 written in the fall of 2010
Track 10 written and recorded one night around march 2013
Sound effects recorded on various occasions fall 2012 - summer 2013

Track 9 written by Julius Dixon and Beverly Ross
Track 12 written by Daniel Johnston

Everything else written, recorded and edited in july 2013.

BIB #000.



all rights reserved


Badasses In Balloons, Intl. Turin, Italy

Music for folks too sad-assed to go full-on hipster

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Track Name: Little Boy
It felt so strange to die without seeing any blood
Without the time to realize how our bodies are melting
How our minds are bending
No one to stand over with greet or wave goodbye
We all died together all and none in the yellow flash light

It felt so strange to die without feeling pain
And we all stained the rain in the shadow of the mushroom cloud
And we were all standing
Pale, translucent and dumbstruck

Little Boy, Little Boy
You set the Moon on fire and shut the Sun down
Little Boy, Little Boy
All in the hands of a loveless mother
And your missing father’s laughing hard
Children have no mercy

And you were holding your fist down your pocket
The way that a man holds a gun
As your precious toys blew away
The heart of the Sun it is sinking and ringing
Once around my chest
Twice across my mouth to keep me from screaming

You don’t know what you’ve done, your mom’s back to the base
Greeted by soldiers dinner with the President
While you’re buried here in the air with us
When they found out your soul they used it in a Russian tractor engine
Made with stones and guns and bones that were left from the war
Track Name: Liza Lizard
She squints so hard the world gets crushed between her eyelids
And she’s made of mascara and suspicion
And does her body look weird to anyone but her

She’s just a flyer for herself her own show
And like a flyer she always lets herself be blown
By the capricious winds of fame
Knees deep in her reins
Is all this talking done in vain

Liza Lizard you will go far
Unless you get to know what you should’ve become right from the start
You weren’t made for the show
It’s time you paint your life in watercolors on the shiny white walls of your room
Track Name: ¿Cryptic kryptonite commercial?
Maybe our voices must simply not be heard
Maybe we should just let ourselves feel all of the things that we stored
And be glad lost and dizzy and drunk as birds
In a windstorm
Track Name: Nowhere in particular in England, 1940
Does your half-Swiss nose always point up to the skies
Have your black eyes always been so wide?
Or is it just my memory turning things a bit around
You must forgive me, I went a bit insane
Since your sinful Sun forced my remains underground

And this day woke up to find its head had been cut off
And all the people looking up as if hypnotized
At mazes drawn with unflinching hands
And airplanes dropping thousands of why’s

Did you even notice there were missiles flying off your eyes and into the blue?
But I guess everyone needs someone to play the double game so I’m not blaming you

And in this cage I can’t keep my thoughts at bay
I was promised heaven and miles of blue enamel space
So you know heads will roll teeth will fall
When I finally get out of this place.