I don't want to be people anymore.

by Darwin's Finches, Freed

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A collection of mostly instrumental, mostly improvised introspective acoustic stuff, with a couple of sad songs thrown in for good measure. More in the same vein to come.

Track 5 recorded on october 5, 2013
Tracks 1, 3, 6 recorded on january 31, 2015
Track 2 recorded on february 10, 2015
Track 4 recorded on november 16, 2015
All songs recorded in empty rooms at night. See a pattern there?

Oh and, don't worry about unintelligible lyrics, you're not missing anything.

BIB #001.


released November 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Badasses In Balloons, Intl. Turin, Italy

Music for folks too sad-assed to go full-on hipster

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Track Name: Merry merry bones
Let it be said that your voice makes for something sweet
Raise it like you would a knife, to slash and cut
Through this swollen night filled with nothings you call friends
But on this journey you can take no one
Cause none would follow you, would they?

And you make up directions as you go
Cause there's nowhere really you would like to end up
Less than you are now
Only please, please, please
Let it be somewhere where you are on your own
Somewhere to finally feel alone
And raise your quivering voice like a candle, to set these woods on fire
If you can't get lost here then no one else deserves to try

Follow your pain, and your bones
And the sound of your voice as it calls you
Struggling for a home other than your body
But then again, who else could offer the strength you need to leave it all behind
All you can give in is yourself
And your footsteps make no sound
As you take upwards, to the wind and the sky
There is no agony here
Only the way
Surely leading off out of your mind.
Track Name: No way cormorant
You always bring me news so weird
In papercups of coffee grounds
And I'd be better off sleeping them off at night
It seems now that the tides have turned
And covered your tired wings in flames
You'll disperse only visiting your hometown for rain

But if you ask me for support, maybe a hug
My doorbell will look away and shrug
And I'll be hiding in the shrubbery until you go
Cause there's no way old cormorant you'll receive any help from me
It's not the way it goes
Not how it's supposed to be

You say that you've roamed the seven seas, you've earned some goddamn respect
But I'll say you've been born by accident, not value
You should expect some side effects when you're old bored and alone
Waterfalls filled yesterday's coffins
And tomorrow's may be filled with feathers and stones